Max Nizamov
"We bought our beautiful new house with Max. Max is the type of professional we were looking for: reliable, honest, not pushy and patient.  He is also very caring and was a...

Dedicated Calgary Real Estate Agent

Max is in the business of selling and helping his clients buy Calgary homes for one simple reason: he knows the real impact home ownership can have on someone's life. Because a sale or purchase of a home is such a big milestone, Max feels deeply honoured every time he gets to be part of a transaction. He enjoys guiding his clients step-by-step through their purchase or sale, making sure every part of the process is as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Calgary Real Estate Agent,
Max Nizamov

Calgary Real Estate Agent, Max Nizamov A born negotiator, Max started out in real estate at the tender age of eighteen. He moved to Calgary over a decade ago and worked in the oil industry, but his love of real estate pushed him to return to his former career. Max has never questioned this transition back and, indeed, loves both the process of negotiation and marketing that come along with the job.

Max strives constantly to pursue the latest knowledge in real estate. As a competitive Calgary real estate professional, he recognizes the importance of always taking new classes and workshops. Max knows that, similar to any other field, real estate in Calgary is always changing. This part of the industry is exciting to him, and he adores learning about new trends and events in real estate, so that his clients have the best, most knowledgeable, representation.